CranioSacral Therapy Services

Our physical body works non-stop to keep us functioning as best it can in response to information received.  Results depend upon available resources. CranioSacral therapy, focused on our central nervous system, is a powerful external resource available to help us achieve higher levels of health, freedom and balance.

Information travels throughout our body via a matrix of connective tissue.   This matrix, the network of cranial and peripheral nerves, and the flow of cerebrospinal fluid enable the therapist to palpate and work with restrictions in our body.  By helping us release restriction, especially in and around the spine and head, CranioSacral therapy helps the body heal and rebalance itself as fluid and energy flow are improved.

Since CranioSacral therapists release restrictions in and around the head, it is especially useful in situations like tongue-tie, plagiocephaly, nursing difficulty, crooked teeth, migraine, or tmj issues.  It has beautiful application in brain trauma such as concussion, assisted birth, memory loss, or learning/developmental disorders.  It can be the missing piece that helps us to overcome nervous system disorders and imbalances such as sciatica, carpal tunnel, PTSD, depression, or insomnia.

CranioSacral therapy is complementary with other treatment methods and works well alongside chiropractic care.  A healthier central nervous system means a healthier you!

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One Hour: $75
Ninety Minutes: $95

Will travel to you in special circumstance (hospital, hospice, nursing home, home birth newborn, etc.)
Thirty Minute Follow-Up: $45 (young child only)

Intensive Packages: Book three appointments in a 10 day window and save 20%

Newborn to Pre-School: $132 (1 hr/1/2 hr/1/2 hr)
School Age: $180 (1 hr/1 hr/1 hr)
Adult: $196 (1&1/2 hr/1 hr/1 hr)

Intensive Packages are ideal for:
- newborns experiencing assisted or cesarean births, plagiocephaly or difficulty nursing.
- children with developmental delays, on the spectrum, considering orthodontia, developing scoliosis, or experiencing sensory processing issues.
- people of all ages experiencing severe physical symptoms, anxiety, PTSD, traumatic brain injury (new or old), or depression.



Important Information

Referral Program: Refer a friend or relative, receive 40% off your next session.

Please Note: You will be in the treatment room for the full appointment time. Please allow yourself an additional 15 minutes.